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Commercial Insurance

Do you own a business?

It’s important to keep yourself protected. That is why Adelfia Insurance offers the best possible Business Insurance & Workers Compensation Packages in the industry, to guarantee that you and your business are free of worries. Contact one of our consultants today to understand more about what we do and let us do all the work, so you can relax for a change.

When someone is searching for commercial insurance, it is important that they understand the possible risks that exist for their business. At Adelfia Insurance, our main objective is to provide each individual client with the “best fit” options. It is very important that each business owner is aware of the different types of commercial insurance coverages that are available in the market. This knowledge will allow you to make the correct decision that best meets your businesses’s needs.

  • Property Insurance: Property insurance covers the actual business as well as contents on the premise against theft, damage and/or destruction caused by a covered peril.
  • Casualty Insurance: Casualty insurance covers a business from liability caused by injuries to persons and damage to property of others.


Business Owners Policy or commonly known as (BOP) is a very convenient way for a business to get property coverage and liability coverage combined into one package. Business Owners Policies have a variety of different coverage options depending on the size of the business from small to large. Examples would be: contents owned and not owned by the company, business interruption insurance (in case a loss causes for a business to halt production), and liability from a bodily injury claim.

Property Insurance or also known as commercial property insurance simply covers a business from the losses due to a fire. This type of commercial policy will also cover a business that incurs increased or lost wages due to the damages. Some examples of the common commercial property insurance coverages are: landlord policy, equipment breakdown, inland marine, and commercial crime insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance is for buildings that are owned or leased for business purposes. This includes coverage for the owners personal property as well as other peoples personal property that are within your business. This type of policy can be purchased as a monoline policy as well as a part of the (CPP) or commercial package policy. Many times this will combine coverage of a commercial property, commercial auto, and general liability.

Worker’s compensation insurance is specifically designed to protect employees against any type of work related injuries or sickness. It is extremely important to have employees fully covered in case of on the job accidents which could result in law suits against an employer.

Commercial automobile coverage is designed to protect a business from any liability that comes from using a vehicle for business purposes. This coverage is very flexible and is created to meet specific needs of a particular business uses. One major difference between a commercial auto policy and a personal auto policy is the damage limits. The commercial auto insurance limits are much higher, which are meant to protect the business from the greater liability and typically ranges from $500,000 and $1,000,000 per accident.