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Homeowners Insurance

Do you own a home or rent?

It’s important to keep yourself protected. That is why Adelfia Insurance offers the best possible Homeowners and Renters Insurance Packages in the industry, to guarantee that you and your home are free of worries. Contact one of our consultants today to understand more about what we do and let us do all the work, so you can relax for a change.

Homeowners insurance is necessary for a variety of reasons. First off the coverage will make sure that your home and belongings are covered if there are any damages caused by perils such as fire, hail, or theft. Homeowners coverage will also make sure that you are covered for personal liability, in case someone who does not live with you is injured at your home.

There are many different endorsements available and can be added to your homeowners policy but the following are some of the most common coverages:

  • Dwelling – The most basic coverage is dwelling protection, which helps cover the physical structure of the home and also other structures that are attached – like a garage or a deck.
  • Other Structures – Most homeowners insurance policies include coverage for other structures that are on your property but not attached to your home, like a detached garage, shed or fence.
  • Personal Property – This is coverage for the personal belongings you keep within your home.
  • Liability – Most homeowner’s policies offer liability coverage for when someone not living with you is injured while on your property. Suppose a visitor slips on your walkway, or your dog bites the postman. This coverage helps to pay for your resulting legal expenses and associated medical bills if you are found at fault.